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At the Law Offices of Miriam Behman Brody, we do not discount the emotional issues involved in trust, probate and estate disputes. In far too many cases, family turmoil arises over disputes involving an elderly loved one’s care or following a tragic death.

Your focus should be on resolving family discord and other personal matters. We will take on all aspects of legal claims or defenses, including those involving financial elder abuse, capacity issues, undue influence accusations and the like.

A Results-Driven Trial Lawyer Can Make A Difference In Your Life

We will spend time with you to understand your specific concerns and educate you about the process you face and potential outcomes. Becoming informed will help you make the best possible choice at a time that decision-making is often impaired by personal issues.

We will customize legal strategies based on your goals, the law, and the facts of your case. Our objective is to pursue the best outcome. Many times, that requires a trial to resolve disputes. Other times, astute and aggressive advocacy can achieve a negotiated result that you had not thought possible.

Limitless Determination To Get The Results You Need

Litigation attorney Miriam Brody prides herself on being a trial attorney with a statewide track record of multimillion-dollar success. Her analytical skills and litigation success have not gone unnoticed by peer attorneys throughout California.

They have placed their trust in her to navigate their clients through complicated, high-stakes estate litigation.

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Regardless of what side you are on in a probate or trust dispute, you need to take the first step and even the odds you face. Contact our Saratoga law office at 408-257-0900 or send us an email.